Shifty Little Shiff

You know, when it comes to shifty little weasels, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), has got to be one of the biggest in Washington.

This political hack is talking about “Jail Time” for Trump, for a possible campaign finance violation, that Trump has not even been charged for yet.  In addition, he is talking about limiting the powers of any future President to pardon Trump.  I really think this jack wagon should look no farther then Obama who had his own campaign finance violation issue and pull his head out of his backside to look at the real world and all the crimes Hillary committed. 

Wow! Trump Derangement Syndrome really has this man’s head raging crazy.  Maybe the House should look into his mental capacity.  I mean look at him, does he look right?

Shifty Adam Shiff

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Author: Bob

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