President Obama says Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago

President Obama said the other day, “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago” and I think there is probably some truth to what he said.  After all, we know Obama was a pot smoking, coke snorting young man who sought out radicals so he “would not be mistaken for a sellout”.  This does seem very close to the life of Trayvon who used drugs and tried to imitate the thugs so many black teens lookup to today.

What the President missed in this opportunity was to condemn the gangsta life style so many teens try to copy today.  I’m not saying this was Trayvon’s fault.  Anytime a young person dies, it is a tragedy and we really need to be outraged about the thousands of teen deaths brought on by black-on-black violence.  We do not need to manufacture straw-man arguments on how this was racism.  Instead of stoking the fires of racial tensions,the President should focus on the factors that are contributing to violence within the black the community.  How about taking actions to create jobs,promoting family values?  How about creating an environment of independence and not dependence?  How about condemning the gangsta hustlers and race baiters, instead of inviting them to the White House?

We have allowed, and in some cases, encouraged a culture that glorifies violence and racial divide.  The events of that night could have been a lot different if Trayvon would have just called 911 to report someone following him.  However, Trayvon reacted in the way so often repeated by young blacks today.  He did not want to “be mistaken for a sellout” and show some civility.  He had to go “gangsta” on that “creepy ass cracker”. 

The sad part of this story is the President is no different from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other race baiters who make a living stirring up trouble between Americans so they can be seen as relevant. The fact is a black teen is safer walking through an all-white neighborhood in America then in some all black neighborhoods in Chicago or Detroit. Until the black community stands up and recognizes they are being lied to by these so called “Black Community Leaders” who are actually taking advantage of them, we will continue to see young blacks killing each other, while being told Americans are racist.


Author: Bob