Obama and Kerry Have a Chamberlain Moment

Last Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry, using a well-known tactic of President Obama (appeasing our enemies), signed an “interim deal with the terrorist leaders of Iran.  In a recent email from  Brigitte Gabriel of  Act For America, Brigitte compares Obama’s puppet, John Kerry to “British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain coming back to Britain from Munich in the fall of 1938 waving a piece of paper with Adolf Hitler’s signature on it declaring “peace in our time.” (Brigitte Gabriel)  

Obama has turned his back on Americans in Benghazi, our Military & Veterans, allowed conservatives to be harassed by the IRS, sent the DOJ after reporters his administration disagrees with, allowed the NSA to spy on Americans. Caused millions to lose their healthcare and is well on his way to destroying our economy.  He has also turned his back on our allies in the Middle East, mainly Israel with this latest round of appeasement to Iran.

From day one, when Obama came on the scene, he has made it clear that his goal was to tear down America and change its arrogant ways in the world.  This man, who was raised by Communists, sought out Marxist professors is fulfilling his father’s dreams he wrote about in his biography “Dreams of My Father”.

It is well past time that America wake up to this fraud.  American’s failure to see the direction this man is taking our country will make what Hitler did to Europe look a Boy Scout Jamboree.

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Author: Bob