This is the about page for Bob’s Daily Blog. I’m a conservative veteran voicing my opinion. 

I set up this site to express my thoughts, vent my frustration with some of the crazy things going on in the world today and have some fun.  I will not be long winded or try to offer some long pontificated analysis on any specific topic or subject.  My posts will be short, to the point and I will support my position with references and facts.  Although most of my posts will probably focus on politics, I will also write about things I see in the news, crime and some of the crazy things going on in the world.

I encourage you to leave a comment and let me know what you think. I will not delete any comments unless you are just a babbling idiot or a spammer who makes it through the spam protection.  So feel free to comment on one of my posts.

Below are just a few things I feel are important about life in general:

1. Politicians work for us and need to be reminded of that – Vote and get involved with what is going on in the Nation.

2. We need term limits on congress – The words “Career” and “Politician” should never be put together to describe any of our elected officials.

3. The 2nd Amendment rights of Americans is critical to our freedom!  “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  Why is the part, “shall not be infringed” so hard for people to understand.

4. Unions are no longer needed and should be abolished. They are only destroying our economy and destroying the American worker.

5. Big Government is bad.  Limited Government is good.  Our politicians should consider following the Constitution for a change.

6. The United States is a Judaeo-Christian Nation – I do not see that as bad or good, just fact.  Get over it!

7. Illegal immigrants are criminals who have broken the law of the United States!  What part of that do you not understand?

8. If you want something in life, “YOU” have to work for it. Relying on Government only degrades people’s desire to excel.

9. The Government should not try to protect you from your own stupidity.  If you want to stick your hand in the blade of a running lawn mower or you want to iron your pants while you are wearing them, you deserve the consequences.  Do not file a lawsuit because you were a dumb ass. In nature, it is called natural selection and we as humans would be better off to let nature take its course a little more often.

10. If you believe something is a “Right” (i.e., Health Care, Gay Marriage, a job, a house, etc…) I suggest you read the “Bill of Rights” and the “Constitution.”

11. Anyone who sexually abuses a child should be removed from civilization permanently.  They cannot be “Treated” or “Rehabilitated”.

12. If you are LGBTQ or “think” you are something you are not, I really do not care. Just do not push your life style on me or anyone else.  You are not granted any “Rights” because of your behavior and you do not get to choose your gender, age, race, etc.  Facts and science do not change because of your feelings.

13. Racism, discrimination and prejudice exist in this world unfortunately.  If you want to change that, do something positive and do not reinforce the stereotype.

14. The world is at WAR with “Terrorists,” not Muslims. However, either Muslims agree with the “Terrorists” or they need to come out in force to condemn Terrorist’s attacks. Setting on the sidelines is not an option.

15. This is America. We speak English here. If you want to be in America and take advantage of all this country has to offer, learn to speak English.

16. Finally, if you think this country is so bad, then please feel free to leave and go live somewhere you think you will be happy.

Thanks for stopping by Bob’s Daily Blog.