2016 Presidential Election

As the GOP chaos and dysfunction continue to dominate the news cycle, we must not lose site of the danger our country faces if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is elected.  In short their policies will only continue to divide and destroy our country.  Bernie Sanders is a Socialist and is burning Hillary’s ass causing her to track extremely far left just to stay relevant.  Hillary is as corrupt as they come and hopefully will be indicted and charged in her mishandling very sensitive & highly classified emails.  However, I’m not holding my breath.  These are things most Americans are aware of and either chose not believe or just don’t care, but here is a lot more about these two being kept from the American people by the main street media.

For anyone thinking of voting for Hillary or not voting GOP, I suggest you read the information recently consolidated at Hillary Rodham Clinton.  This link is a great source of information relating to her voting record, ties to Planned Parenthood, her email scandal and her radical ties to Saul Alinsky who she had great admiration for during here time at Wellesley college.  Once you spend the time understanding what makes her tick, you should come to the normal conclusion that Hillary Clinton would be as big, if not bigger disaster for America than Obama.

For all those people feeling the burn with Bernie Sanders, or not voting GOP,you haven’t really felt the burn that will come if this man is elected President. The information compiled on Bernie Sanders is just as scary as Hillary Clinton. Bernie’s links to the “Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim (KSH) who referred to Joseph Stalin as the Sun of the Nations” his connection to Soviet and East German committees, to his ties to Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government should scary the hell out of any American thinking this man is running for President, let alone has been in Congress since 1991.  After all the Communist Party USA seems to like the guy, so why would anyone think this man would be good for America?

I know there are a lot of people who say if Trump or Cruz is the nominee,they will not vote because it would go against their principles.  I understand that, but come on, do you really think that Trump or Cruz will be worse than Hillary or Bernie?  Do you really want America to have a lying,cheating, corrupt criminal or a devote Socialist to be our next President?

I’m not happy with our choices in the GOP party, but when it comes down to Election Day in November, I will hold my nose and vote, I will not let our country down without a fight!  It’s time we unite as a party for the good of the country and stop thinking you’re going to get the perfect candidate.  Anyone but Hillary or Bernie! 

Author: Bob