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Updated: 2 hours 43 min ago

Huh? CBS/AP 'Fact Check' Claims Trump ‘Wrong’ to Call Dossier a Clinton Campaign Doc

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 15:16
<p>Flying in the face of reality, CBS News and the Associated Press issued a joint “fact-check” of the President this week, claiming that he was wrong to call the infamous DNC-funded Steele dossier a “Clinton campaign document.”</p>

Breaking: Hillary to Guest Star on Show About Hillary

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 14:52
<p>Well, she doesn’t have much else to do these days. CBS has announced that Hillary “What Happened” Clinton will be playing herself on Madam Secretary, the show she inspired.</p>

MSNBC's Katy Tur: Fox, Daily Caller Are 'Not Journalists' If They Defend Trump

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 14:33
<p>During Monday’s edition of <em>MTP Daily, </em>the panel went into full meltdown mode over the announcement that President Trump was looking into revoking the security clearances of a variety of Obama Administration officials, NBC national security reporter Ken Dilanian -- no doubt a willing recipient of Team Obama leaks against Trump -- claimed President Trump had an "amen chorus" of journalists at Fox and the Daily Caller defending him. MSNBC host Katy Tur said stop it, they're not journalists!</p>

CNN Touts Anti-Trump 'Tyranny' Tirade by Democrat Economist

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 12:23
<p>In the latest of a series of anti-Trump rants promoted by CNN, anchor Brooke Baldwin touted a "fiery opinion piece" accusing Trump of leading America down a path to tyranny by Jeffrey Sachs on CNN.com. Sachs is a renowned international economist, and a Democrat (He donated $2,000 in 2003 to Howard Dean for President.) </p>

NY Times Mourns Layoffs at Anti-Trump Tabloid NY Daily News, But Loathes NY Post

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 11:10
<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">Jaclyn Peiser’s front-page <em>New York Times</em> autopsy for a fading New York tabloid, “Daily News, Lean but Brassy New York Staple, Cuts Staff in Half.” Peiser mourned the brutal downsizing announced at the local tabloid rival whose hard-left turn in recent years failed to save it. The right-leaning <em>New York Post</em>, on the other hand, is clearly loathed by the <em>Times.</em></p>

CNN Combats Trump’s ‘Gaslighting’ By Blowing Their Own Hot Air

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 04:18
<p>It’s true that President Trump often says untrue things in an effort to spin a narrative to fit his agenda. But if there’s one thing the liberal media hates, it’s someone horning in on their turf. This was clearly apparent during Tuesday’s edition of <em>AC360</em> when host Anderson Cooper bemoaned how the President was "gaslighting" America by telling people not to believe all the biased news stories against him. But, in order to chastise him, Cooper and his guests twisted reality.</p>

Freeform Show: Family Research Council Is a 'Racist, Anti-LGBTQ' Group

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 03:29
<p>What better way to squash a young, woke bisexual woman’s enthusiasm for being a spokesperson for a skin care company than to tell her that the company’s CEO contributed money to the Family Research Center? That is exactly what happened in the July 24 episode of Freeform’s <em>The Bold Type</em> titled “Plan B,” when the FRC is called one of those "racist, anti-LGBTQ groups."</p>

Bozell & Graham Column: Media Wail for Brennan and Clapper

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 03:10
<p>Republican Sen. Rand Paul sent the media into another meltdown on July 23 when he called  on President Trump to revoke the security clearance of Obama's CIA director, John Brennan. He charged Brennan "monetized" his privileges by becoming an on-air analyst for NBC and MSNBC. That doesn’t even count Brennan’s speaking fees.</p>

MSNBC's Kasie Hunt Shocked Over Trump's Post-Helsinki Poll Bump

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 03:08
<p>In the wake of the Helsinki summit when liberals and their mainstream media allies were hurling everything including the kitchen sink in the form of the charge of treason at President Trump, it turns out that all their attacks only resulted in a bump in Trump's poll ratings. This caused MSNBC's Kasie Hunt to express shock at that result on her <em>Kasie DC</em> show on Sunday to the extent that she claimed that we are now "living in a different space-time continuum" where "even gravity works differently." </p> <p> </p>

‘Hardball’ Panel Peddles Fake News About Sessions Chanting ‘Lock Her Up’ at TPUSA Event

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 02:30
<p>For those who follow this author on Twitter, you’ll find that I’m not a fan of Turning Point USA. That said, the liberal media’s fake news machine reared its head on Tuesday when numerous outlets falsely claimed Attorney General Jeff Sessions chanted the infamous “lock her up” chant about Hillary Clinton when prompted by students at their high school conference.</p>

ABC, NBC Skip CBS Scoop that Toronto Attacker Visited ISIS Websites, Lived in Middle East

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 00:49
<p>Tuesday afternoon, CBSNews.com broke a big scoop concerning the Sunday night mass shooting up in Toronto, Canada that left two people dead and 13 wounded. According to the piece on their website, the attacker frequented ISIS propaganda websites and may have lived in the Middle East for some time.</p>

Anti-Trump NY Daily News Fires Half Its Staff to Focus on Online News

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 23:25
<p>The <em>New York Daily News</em> announced on Tuesday that the tabloid-style newspaper -- best known for its bizarre front pages slamming Republican President Donald Trump -- to “fundamentally restructure” its focus on “its digital audience.” A memo released by the newspaper’s executives stated: “We are reducing today the size of the editorial team by approximately 50 percent and re-focusing much of our talent on breaking news -- especially in areas of crime, civil justice and public responsibility.”</p>

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apenas puede definir “socialismo demócrata” para Jorge Ramos

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 22:53
<p>Tras su triunfo impresionante sobre el congresista incumbente Joe Crowley (NY-14) en la primaria demócrata, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compareció en Al Punto - una entrevista tan predecible por la zalamería con la candidata como con su dificultad para articular sus políticas públicas preferidas.</p>

WashPost's Jenkins: Protests Enrage Fans Because It's a Denial of American Exceptionalism

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 22:15
<p>Setting out to determine why NFL kneeling protests create so much outrage,<em> The Washington Post's</em> sports columnist Sally Jenkins concludes that it comes down to fan anger over a denial of American exceptionalism.</p> <p> </p>

Levin Nukes Liberal Media Over Their ‘Tyrannical Agenda,’ Legitimizing ‘A Porn Star,’ ‘Crackpot’ Avenatti

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 21:37
<p>In the first hour of his eponymous talk show Monday night, conservative author and host Mark Levin tore into the “totalitarian” liberal media for, among other things, being “historically illiterate” or “ideologically driven” in calling President Trump a Nazi, “mainstream[ing]” Stormy Daniels and “crackpot” Michael Avenatti, and painting themselves as chief defenders of the First Amendment.</p>

Meghan McCain Explodes at Behar: It's 'Dangerous' to 'Normalize Socialism!'

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 20:39
<p><em>View</em> co-host Meghan McCain exploded at liberal talker Joy Behar on Tuesday, declaring it “dangerous” for the Democratic Party to be “normalizing” socialism. Discussing the rise of democratic socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the token conservative attacked: “This makes my head explode!” She lambasted her liberal co-hosts, telling them: “Everyone that goes on TV saying that it's good needs to start paying 90 percent in taxes.” </p>

Univision da carta blanca a Menendez para criticar nominado al Tribunal Supremo

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 20:31
<p>Este intercambio entre el presentador Félix de Bedout y el senador Robert Menendez (D-NJ) sobre la nominación del juez Brett Kavanaugh al Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos, transmitido recientemente en el semanario político Al Punto de Univision, es símbolo de lo que tiene que cambiar en la división de noticias de Univision si va a hacer un esfuerzo sincero por alcanzar a todos los hispanos de los Estados Unidos.</p>

NBC/WSJ Poll Finds Majority Support Abortion Law. Here's What's Wrong

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 20:08
<p>When it comes to polling, sometimes the questions reveal more than the answers. On Monday, an NBC/WSJ poll found that 71% of voters support <em>Roe v. Wade</em>, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. on a federal level. That should be a surprising number. But it’s not – simply because of the poll’s wording.</p>

Salon Doubles Down On Sarah Sanders Rumor

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 20:07
<p>On Tuesday, Salon published an article speculating about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders potential departure from the White House. Only, they referenced the same rumor reported in June by CBS. Author of the article, Matthew Rozsa, also cited an unsubstantiated Politico article which claimed White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bill Shine has “asked a number of friends and other acquaintances about who they believe should replace Sanders if she steps down.”</p>

Moms Demand Action Condemns ‘Downloadable Guns’

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 19:39
<p>Starting in August, anyone with access to a 3D printer can yet again download the blueprints to print their own firearms at home. In response, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched an online campaign to “#StopDownloadableGuns.”</p>